Thursday, September 07, 2006

What's happening Bob?

I know it is probably a lot of hype about necessary compromises. But really, Rep. Inglis, what is happening with your strong convictions? In your first six years you would never have signed a pact with GenderPac. Heck, you shunned all PAC's like the plague. You just voted your conscience, and easily won re-election. And now. Well?

Your opponent likes to point out your low score with the John Birch Society. Well, I would probably score about the same if it came down to it! But what's with your voting for moneys to go to Planned Parenthood (even as a rider)? Though they are a legal group, they are no more deserving "public" moneys than are faith-based groups that the courts keep throwing out!

I just pulled up your website. You seem to be saying all the right things, so what gives with your softening your stands against PP and homosexual activists? I looks like you probably have more than enough support to win re-election.

Are you looking to replace Senator Graham?

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