Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It should be simple ...

Well, I thought I would make my computer a portable library. All I wanted to do was run an encyclopedia from the hard drive. But for some reason I can't get the copy I made of the disk to run from the disk. The program asks me to insert the disk!

Help me, anyone! This whole disk won't take up more than a gig of space on my 40 gig hard-drive. Why can' t I make XP substiture the path commands?

I am NOT a GEEK. So someone let me know if I can copy a disk to my hard-drive in order to USE the data without turning on the CD drive. I would like to have a working encyclopedia with easy access.

It should be simple!


Igor said...

Henry, the XP can do subst - you can open the Command Prompt and type the command ("subst /?" for help).

Alas, the problem usually is copywrite protection, the programs checks whether there is an original CD in the drive, to be sure that you have paid for it.

There are ways and little programs that (maybe) can help, but I haven't heard about one that works ALWAYS. You have to try diffirent ones to see what would work with your encyclopedia.

I suggest you google "[your encyclopedia name] to run from hard drive". More often than not you can stumble upon an advice somewhere in the Net (thanx google).

Those programs are called "virtual CD or DVD programs". I have just googled "virtual CD-ROM program" and here is one:

sorry, cannot give more than just advice - I have never had the need for this....

Igor said...

they are also called "CD emulators". I've tried to google this ("CD emulator") - it seems there are a lot to choose from... good luck. feel free to ask me if you have questions.

Henry Martin said...

Thanks. The "subst" function created the drive, but I can't put anything in it.

The emulator creates the drive, but freezes up when it attempts to put the "image" of the disk into the drive.

I am going to try it once more before I uninstall the emulator you mentioned. I am sure there is one that works for me.

BTW, haven't I seen you replying to Rock's blog? :-)

Igor said...


1) subst

using Windows Explorer:
1st - create a folder in the root of C: drive, say "C:\CDCOPY"
2nd - now copy whole your CD into C:\CDCOPY in the following way:
- for example, your CD is in drive D: and there are files : D:\filename1.exe, D:\filename2.jpg and folders D:\FOLDER1, D:\FOLDER2, etc
after copying you should have the same structure in C:\CDCOPY : C:\CDCOPY\filename1.exe, C:\CDCOPY\filename2.exe, C:\CDCOPY\FOLDER1, and C:\CDCOPY\FOLDER2 - D:\ is relaced by C:\CDCOPY\

3rd - now you can use subst:
now in Windows Explorer you will see new "drive" W:, which you can use as just another drive

to remove the substitution, issue the following command:

2) but, probably, your encyclopedia is too smart to be fooled this way.

if you want, tell me what CD emulator program you want to use, and I can play with it and would be able to answer your questions about that program ... when you used your encyclopedia the first time, did you do any installation?

if you have more questions, please email me - it would be easyer that way - I 'll be able to add snapshots of screens to make myself clear...


yes, I am that Igor.

Henry Martin said...

Thanks, again. I will the subst command tomorrow evening. I tried using the "Original CD Emulator" (OCDE.exe)I downloaded from

Right now, I've got to post today's blog. I am going to try to post some video of the grandson!