Sunday, September 17, 2006

Passing into glory

This morning David Spears was promoted. He had fought hard in his last assignment here among us, but now he is in the presence of the King! I thank any of you that may have read Wednesday's post concerning prayer for David and his family. Be assured, your prayers are still needed as David's family adjusts to his change of residence. Though we know he is in a far better place, our hearts ache at the loss of this young fighter.

Yes, I am referring to his death. I use these other terms not to avoid the concept, but rather to accentuate the reality of his continued existence apart from his body. It has been five years and three weeks since my son took the same journey. Today is the anniversary of his birth, so this is an especially hard time as we remember that day. I was reminded today that Kathy Stafford, a good friend ours age, passed away last year on September 15. The flowers in church today were in her memory. We miss you, too, Kathy.

But consider things from their perspective. Though they don't have the "physical" bodies that will come at the Resurrection, I am pretty sure that they do have a recognizable form in which they are experiencing the glories of heaven. Time is not the same there. The scriptures refer in a symbolic way the concept: "a day is as a thousand years" to God. If this is taken literally, which taking into account time dilation this COULD be, then Jim has been there all of 7.2 minutes! He has hardly had time to take in the "opening prayer" of heavenly worship! And now his friend David has entered the sanctuary.

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