Saturday, September 16, 2006


This weekend presents me with a cluster of birthdays that spans generations. Back when I was very young (lest anyone guess her age), my wife was born on September 19. When I was still young, I had my second baby brother, born on September 16 [Happy birthday, Doug!]. And then, on September 17, 1978, my firstborn son, my namesake, was born.

Well, 270 days ago weren't we in the midst of Christmas vacation? I wonder if this week holds any records in western cultures for birthdays? . . . Hmmm. Just wondering. I haven't the time to check it out.

Today didn't quite go as I planned it, but I did get to try out a good restaurant in downtown Greenville. It has the unassuming name of "Diner on Main." We give it at least 3 stars! I had Blackened Chicken Alfredo. Delicious. But you had better eat the chicken with the noodles. Spicy!

Anyway, the blue arrow marks the spot (approximately). We highly recommend it for its food and atmosphere. My Greenville readers, tell them I sent you. They will look at you strangely, and nod politely. :-)

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