Friday, September 29, 2006


As they were tearing down an old mill locally (there ARE a lot of those in the upstate!) workers found a man's wallet. Everything BUT the money was still there. The wallet had been stolen 22 years ago from a worker in that mill. Needless to say, if that had been more recently, that man would have shown up buying things all over the southeast! But in those days money was all that mattered.

About the same time that man had his wallet stolen, my wife's purse was stolen while she ran into the CHURCH to get something one morning. That purse showed up in the Reedy River which runs nearby. The creep had stolen money and, for whatever reason, pictures of the children! How low can you go.

Even longer ago, when I was a teenager, I lost my wallet in Providence Canyon in Georgia. We had been sliding down the canyon walls (sandstone slope). The sand and rock had claimed my wallet while it tore my pants apart! Months later, a soldier from Fort Benning, GA, found the wallet and mailed it to me. Nothing was missing.


Igor said...

I am not surprised. Look at the society's alter ego - TV and cinema and mass media.

Who are the heroes?

Criminals. Corporate swindlers. Tony sopranos and donald trumps. Big Heist is the pinnacle of a "successful" life on screen (ie - in the hearts of the viewers).

It seems that the short period when it wad good to be good is behind us. Now, being good is reserved for suckers.

Henry Martin said...

Jesus said there was only ONE who is good, and that is GOD. However, He also told his disciples that THEY were to aspire to be PERFECT even as God is perfect!

Indeed, outside of Christ mankind is NOT good. The only "goodness" to be found in the world system is that which advances one in the system on the backs of those being fooled by hypocritical lies -- wolves in sheeps clothing.

How many of those in public office are due this accessment? It probably depends on who you ask. That is why I have to go with the "official platform" put forward by the major parties. See my post of Sept. 9:

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Igor said...

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Henry Martin said...

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