Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oops. What if...

I saw this poster (outtake above) at work. The message was "Teamwork." Mrs. Clause wants Santa to take out the trash.

But doesn't Santa carry another bag about the same size on his sleigh? What if Santa grabbed the wrong bag on the way to the curb and they got switched?

Talk about "egg in your face"! Day old and in the shell, even! :-)

The artwork is by Tom Marlin, cartoonist for Mad Magazine. He does a lot of Parodies.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

A young servant of God

Young Timothy Scott Seiter has ventured out to understand life through studying the Bible! This is daunting task for one so young. Timothy S. Seiter was born just 10 days before my son, Timothy S. Martin. He has produced a website called "Understand Life" that includes the whole Bible in hypertext with the opportunity for the registered reader to offer interpretations along the way.

My best wishes go out to Scott in his efforts. Here is his logo. Click on it or the link above to begin exploring the Bible with him.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Jesus' Birthday

I have written elsewhere in this blog about the real birthday of Jesus. Here is a Bible Code that seems to verify that the date 1 Tishri (Rosh Hashana, "Jewish New Year") is connected to the birth of Immanuel (the verse marked - Isaiah 7:14). An extended date did not show up, though, since that would be from three to five characters (depending on how the date is written, in full or in part). The year marked in the text above is {3}760, a three digit rendering of a full 3760.

Of course, there are other dates there, including a very good match for 3756, four years earlier. That year corresponds with 6 BC, the agreed upon date to allow for the "error" by the medieval monk who finally dated our modern calendars from the birth of Christ. That date, it is believed by many, HAD to be few years before the assumed 4 BC death of Herod. That evidence, though, is based on an eclipse that year. Another "better" eclipse occurred in Tevet of 3761, or January of AD 1.

The total eclipse of AD 1 would have allowed ample time for the sickness and death of Herod before passover over three months later. If the magi had come that same month (or the beginning of Shevat, the next month as the darkened sky of the "new moon" allowed them a better view of the guiding "star."

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thank You, Sarah Palin

I came upon this video at a centrist (traditional) Democratic site. It seems that there are many Clinton supporters that are not happy with the party. Apparently they are somewhat like "Reagan Democrats." Anyway, one of them apparently has seen past the negative press and is impressed with Sarah Palin.

I like the diversity of those chosen to speak in this video. It's too bad that so many people let partisanship blind their reason and logic. In the past the true difference between the major parties was small government vs big government. The first "Democrat" was for small government (that is, Thomas Jefferson) and the first Republican was virtually the INVENTOR of "big government" as we now know it (the federal power grab of Abraham Lincoln in a noble attempt to save the union).

Things have changed. But I will cover that in another blog.