Saturday, June 23, 2007

An Analytical Visionary

What kind of thinker are you? This test of 18 choices purports to determine what kind of thinker you are and then gives suggestions on how to better communicate with other types of communicators.

This is part of the analysis it gave of my thinking type:

Deep Thinker

You are a deep, thought-filled person who is constantly participating in a dialogue with others to test your creative and rational processes. You're always asking yourself and/or others these three questions:

"Why is something happening?"
"How does it work?'
"Who can I communicate with to help me understand what's happening or who is the best person to work with to complete a specific task?"

Whatever you are thinking about has to have some analytic, precise and systematic criteria with a historical and factual basis. If it does not meet most of these, you first become skeptical and then very intuitively creative in exploring other ways to reconstruct the problem into a different paradigm which may lead to a distinct solution.

Well, that just about sums me up. As my wife of almost 30 years asked, "You needed a test to tell you that?"

Anyway, if anyone happens along to this, the test can be accessed here. The folks at have apparently employed some good social scientists, because they figured out my three-quarter brain just about right. Now if I could just come to a conclusion! :-)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Liberal Whining at the New York Times

Which is worse - prosecuting a policeman for roughing up a known drug dealer, or pursuing a gang of sex slave marketers within the bounds of the US? A no-brainer, huh? Of course, it would be the modern slave traders! But note what the New York Times writes:

Pursuing trafficking cases, rather than those involving hate crimes or police abuse, was seen as important to moving ahead in the department, current and former career officials said. They added that political appointees in supervisory positions frequently vetoed proposed hate crime investigations or questioned them to death.

“You only needed for that to happen a few times and people got the message they shouldn’t be eager to send up such cases,” said one lawyer who would talk only on condition of anonymity.

It seems that their anonymous sources think priorities should be in harassing overworked cops or prosecuting a guy for beating up someone who happened to be of a different world view or ethnic differences. Slavery or prejudice? Where should the priorities be placed?

It is a sign of the depravity of man to traffic in the carnal pleasures of the unrestrained few. Prejudice has been with us since the tower of Babel (and probably before!) and seems to be a built-in flaw (or defense mechanism in some cases). It is hateful to beat up anybody - especially those weaker than you - and someone who showed respect (dare we say "love") for his fellow men would not beat anyone up anyway!

The bulk of the article, though, was the Liberal Times whining about "special" attention being shown to people of faith in the Bush Administration. It is ironic that many of those who are receiving this much needed attention are the same ones turning against the President on his approach to immigration. He is our friend, folks! Just look who his enemies are!

The article complains that a total of eight graduates of conservative religious based law schools -- Ava Maria (Catholic) and Regents (Evangelical) -- in a three year period which "only" saw 63 from the leading liberal law schools (Harvard and Yale). This "marked increase" was somehow a political move in what, to them, has always been "nonpartisan". What hypocrisy! Harvard STILL puts out the majority of government lawyers -- 16 of 31 -- with more that ALL others combined in 2006! In fact, all the religious based schools (five listed) came out far behind the secular schools (four listed), being overwhelmed 6 to 25.

The irony of this is that both Harvard and Yale were founded early in this nation's history for the express purpose of educating the next generation of MINISTERS! Google pulled up this site ( in which the truth of our founding institutions is clearly laid out! Only with the Liberal Press can such an overwhelming ADVANTAGE be seen to be a problem! The one-fifth representation, including one Mormon is surely close to that of the general community and should not be feared.

The graphic above was on the NY Times, copyright 2007.