Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some thoughts on numbers

Not wanting to be too weird, and certainly not to put to much stock in my conclusions, this is what I think the meaning of some of the numbers might mean as a general rule. I take the meaning from interpreting how they are used in the clear text of the Bible.

Any use of the following in the practice of "numerology" is fully the responsibility of the reader. I will not be pressed too hard on any private interpretations of obscure numbers as they appear in the Bible. I could be completely wrong on every point below, and only present it here because it does me no good sitting quietly on my computer.

Do with it what you will.

The Prime numbers

1 is the number of unity, and that is perfectly seen in God Himself

2 is the number of division, bringing the universe into existence

3 is the number of trinity. In the purest sense, this is with the Holy Trinity, Father Son and Holy Spirit. It is seen in Man in his three fold function upon the earth - king, priest, and prophet. Man is told to have dominion upon the earth, to intercede for the nations, and to tell those nations about God. The unholy trinity, led by Satan as the 'king,' has it's priests and its prophets as well.

5 is the sum of 2 and 3, and as so is seen in mankind who was taken from (a separation) the ground and made in God's image. Since he has fallen, separated (2) from God (3), the recombination is by Grace, which is often assigned to this number as the way God deals with mankind.

7 is the number of completion. It is represented by combining 3 (Trinity) and 4 (Universe). It is perfection as seen in God's rest from creating on that day. It was on the next day (8th day) that He began His work of sustaining what He had made. 7 is also 1+6, the only way sinful man can be made whole again being through union with God. As the sum of 2 and 5, we see the 'end of man' - to be separated unto perfection.

The squares: 4 and 9

4 is the number of the universe, the earth in particular. It is the result of the separation (2) on the second day of creation. As a result, there are four dimensions (space-time). As the 3 dimensions of space are spread out, four directions, or quadrants, are formed. On the globe of the earth these directions are east, west (rep. by coming and going of the sun) and north and south (cold wasteland and hot wasteland!) in the minds of the Hebrew writers.

9 is 3 squared, the result of God's continuing preservation of the universe. It has no other factors but 1 and 3, both numbers of God. It is seen as 1+8, God is the New Creation; as 2+7, God in Election; as 3+6, God taking on flesh and man's sin; and 4+5, the realm of God's inhabitance - both the universe and within the hearts of men. This last sum is that of the 'new heavens and the new earth, where God at last lives among men forever.

The cube: 8

Of the numerals used to tell God's story, the number 8 is the only cubic, three dimensional number. It, takes the universe of '4' to another level. It is God working his creation to it's full potential. As 7+1, 8 represents both God's re-creation and His preservation of the old and the new. The basic cube is seen in the holiest of holies, that inner sanctuary where he dwells in a special way. That cube is seen by Ezekiel in the vision of the new temple and the vision to John of the New Jerusalem. As 2+6, 8 represents God taking away the sin of man and putting it upon His Son, the New Man. This is complete in the Resurrection of Jesus. As 3+5, the Rebirth is seen as God works to restore the elect to his standing before God lost in the garden. As 4+4 (2*4), the universe 'becomes one' as the division of the heavens from the earth is reversed.

The triangular numbers: 6 and 10

The number 6, (1+2+3), is the number of man after he attempted to become equal with God (1). This 5+1 was disastrous, defiling the universe (4) by mixing what should have remained separated (2). While embroiled in a fight between the holy and unholy trinities (3+3), sinful man is in a triangle of his own, that is he is 1+2+3. Once in union with God (1), he separated (2) from him to be in league with the unholy trinity - Satan, the world, and sin. His whole body, soul, and spirit - physical, mental and spiritual - became dead to God. 6 is also called a 'perfect' number, because the factors both add and multiply to form the number itself (1*2*3 = 6). This makes 6 equal to "3!" (three factorial). Neither in his being (sum) nor in his work (product) can man become complete (7).

The number 10 (1+2+3+4) is also triangular. It is considered the number of completion of all things counted upon the earth. It is 5+5 (representing marriage, perhaps?) and 6+4 (full spreading of mankind upon the face of the earth). It is 7+3, God's complete work of creation including his day of rest; and it is 2+8, God's judgment in the casting the condemned into the "bottomless pit" an eternity removed from the New Jerusalem. Finally, it is 9+1, God's providential hand upon his finished creation. As the triangular, it may show God (1) separating (2) the unholy trinity (3) from this universe (4) into the bottomless pit (also seen in 8+2!).

Not enough fingers - 11 and 12

I include 11 only because it falls between 10 and 12. It does not show up in numbering things often and is basically the same as 2, the sum of its digits. The notable use of the number is after the death of Judas Iscariot, "the twelve" became "the eleven." This was the core group of disciples that visited with their risen Master for forty days and saw him ascend into heaven. They were separated (2) from Jesus and had to wait 10 full days (not coincidentally) before the Holy Spirit came on the 50th day. Pentecost is the day beginning the week following the end of seven weeks past Passover - that is (7*7)+1. It is a day of thanksgiving for God's perfect provision.

12 is used in both the old testament and the new for the number of 'tribes' of the people of God. Jesus chooses twelve disciples specifically to reach all of Israel. As soon as "the eleven" are able, they use the lot to determine who the now-present Holy Spirit would use to complete and make full their number. 12 is 6+6, representing all fallen mankind, divided in any number of ways. It is also 5+7, the old man joined to God's righteousness. It is 4+8, the old universe made new; and 3+9, the God seen in his creation. It is 10+2, a new separation from the old world into a new one. Finally, it is 3*4, God multiplying his blessings to the universe through His chosen people.

Fibonacci numbers (golden ratio)

1+2=3 [Creator]
2+3=5 [Creature, Man, separated (2) from the earth, in the image of God (3)]
3+5=8 [Resurrection, God (3) re-creates Man (5) in rebirth]

5/3 = 1.666... [First Adam plus False God = Man lost in sin, 6's to infinity]
8/5 = 1.600 [Second Adam plus First Adam = Sinful man made whole, no more division]