Thursday, November 20, 2014

First Words Spoken by God

This blog is a work in progress.  I will have to figure out how to embed a player.  Anyway, I am studying the "mechanics" of the sound made over (or into) the waters when God brought light into existence.  Here is a link.  Hopefully your browser will open it in another window).

"Let There Be Light" (in Hebrew)

Phonetically, this is three consonants and three vowels (Ye-Hee-OR).  Two of the vowel sounds (lower case) are added with vowel points much later, but by scholars long committed to vocalizing the text.  The actual letters are Yoth-He-Yoth-Aleph-Wau-Resh.  Vowel points vocalize Yoth and the He-Yoth, while the Aleph is "silent" lending its vowel point to the Wau (= 'o').  At the end is the letter transliterated as "R."

The words begin with the Vowel/consonant pronounced Y' ("yuh") followed by the Vowel/consonants HY  ("hiy").  The second word is transliterated " AOR, but pronounced "Ohr."  As can be seen, the only "full" consonant ("stop") is the "R" at the end.  Though the Y and H are vocalized, the sound is made in the vocal cords rather than in the mouth.  However, the tongue forms the "uh," and "ee" sounds.  Then, the mouth forms the "oh" sound before the "R" vocalization "rolls" off the tongue and on to the lips.

The "R" sound is in a way the weakest of the full consonants, and is almost a semi-vowel on its own.  In making the sound, though, the vibration begins in the vocal cords and travels all the way to the lips.  Both the Yoth and the He also began in the vocal cords but had very little reverberation in the mouth itself.  All in all, the whole phrase pronounced with only breath and vocal cords.  It is truly the breath of God made "audible" via vibrations of that air.

In essence, "Ye HiY 'OR" is six sounds that get the "waters" to move.  The Spirit of God "stirs" the waters, and subsequently LIGHT appears.  The sound waves are converted to electromagnetic waves and creation has its first day completed.