Thursday, November 29, 2007

Huckabee on the death penalty

Mike Huckabee gives the straight story on the death penalty - the only candidate that ever had to sign off on any. He rightly differentiates between guilty killers and killing the innocent pre-born child. And then, he ends with a zinger!

I like Mike -- winner of the debate in two statewide polls (undecideds in Florida 44%, general listeners in Iowa, %36)!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Connectional Church

I have a new version of email composer with (now actually, but still retains the old email addresses). I does not have a "html" composer like the original, but rather builds a link automatically. Unfortunately, it is set to automatically word wrap and does not treat some links well. And so, I put it here to allow easier access to a great article about the blessing of a connectional church!

Pastor James Barnes, of a PCA church in Tennessee got a call from his wife, stranded in Alabama. After getting the run-a-round from professionals that were supposed to be able to help, he went to a directory and found a PCA church in the area. Click on this link for the heart-warming story.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mike Gets Serious

The Chuck Norris ad was "cute," and it got Mike's name out to the whole nation. However, many naysayers out there disapproved of the humor. Well, Gov. Huckabee used our contributions over the last week wisely. A short 30 second spot makes the point: "Believe"

I like Mike!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Adult" stem cells from baby teeth!

The liberals might just have to give up the fight to legitimize embryonic stem cell research! Everything else just seems to be working so much better. First umbilical cord blood, now baby teeth! Not to mention just about any cell from anyone's body (see earlier post). Here is a commercial ad for "BioEden" I come across providentially.

This is an existing program that costs a lot less than the umbilical cord blood process and can be utilized well after the child has been taken home from the hospital. As with other work with "adult" stem cells, this research has actually produced real treatments!

Within Ethical Boundaries

An example of pure science - dedicated professionals using FACTS to solve problems that seemed "unsurmountable" only a few years ago! President Bush faced a dilemma, being pro-life while being considered anti-science. And so, he compromised, allowing continued work on existing cells created from destroyed human embryos. The Left was not satisfied, seeing a need for MORE of the killing of those tiny humans. The Right was not happy because the government allowed research, though without its funds, to continue. And so, dedicated scientists used funds available to them to do the obvious: figure out HOW an ovum could change nuclear material from a fat cell into an embryo (the source for "stem" cells) in the process of cloning.

The solution was in the genes. Trial and error, and some common sense elimination, narrowed the genes down to FOUR! In a strange switch of priorities, Japanese scientists did this with mouse cells and Americans did it with human cells. It works the same with both species. "Stem cells" can be grown from skin cells (or any cell) in a lab! Now BOTH sides of the political spectrum can get back to advancing research "within ethical boundaries."

Check out the New York Times article (full article available for a limited time only) for further details.

Is Science a "Religion"?

In an interesting op-ed Paul Davies concludes: "until science comes up with a testable theory of the laws of the universe, its claim to be free of faith is manifestly bogus." In this copyrighted article, he explains that the only rational way to be a scientist is to BELIEVE that the "laws of physics" are absolute. Whether a scientist is peering into "inner space" at the sub-atomic level, or the vast expanse of outer space, he is EXPECTING to find order, not chaos. Even when he tries to explain HOW everything came to be, he must depend on the basic laws of physics to assemble "order" from chaos.

And so, away with this nonsense that "faith" is devoid of reason! For "reason" is not devoid of faith. And, it never will be. It is impossible for a finite mind -- even the collective minds of all of humanity -- to explain the infinite source of the "laws of physics." Isaac Newton was a genius, but he was also very religious. He saw the connection. Let our self-appointed gurus of science take note.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Debate excerpt: Mike on Morals

From YouTube comes a pertinent answer to "What is the most pressing moral issue facing this country today?" Huckabee's pro-life concerns reach far beyond the womb:

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pastors and Pews by Mike Huckabee

Some may wonder why we Christian Conservatives are so divided over the choices for the Republican nomination. I sure do. How can such good men as Bob Jones, III, and Pat Robinson make such endorsements as they have done? And why is James Dobson reluctant to make HIS voice known in a personal endorsement? We know who he WON'T endorse already!

Anyway, it is clear to THIS Christian Conservative who should be our standard bearer. I, for one, AM voting for a pastor, not just a president! I like Mike! And so, here is a much longer video (over 40 minutes) which gives a very real feel for just who this man is:

Please feel free to spread this message. We need a true conservative Christian to lead this nation back to God.

I Like Mike!

It is a sad day when the biggest names in Conservative Christianity endorse candidates for their chances of winning. I submit to you all that ANY strong conservative will beat Hillary in the South - especially the "Deep South." If the conservative Christian community will just exert their strength in numbers behind ONE MAN - and that man being one of them! -- He can win! This add is a good one: