Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Day of the Beast?

Since "November 2 2011" (base 36) translates to 112,256,517,383,181,664,666 in our decimal (base 10) system, does that make this date one of the 'days of the beast'?

Base 36 is a neat "code" in which the 'numbers' are merged with the 'letters' to change a phrase into a HUGE number. It is 'hexadecimal' (1-F) on steroids! Anyway, I had a link to a converter, so I typed in today's date and saw "666" at the end. Since adding a day to the date puts a different multiplyer for the fifth (or even sixth) places, it would take someone better at math than me to come up with other "666" days like this. I'm sure some days would give a "666" at the beginning. If I had elected to ad a 0 in the sixth place, the result would not have produced this blog note, but hey, I did it on a lark.

Well, I thought I'd just share that little bit of trivia as we contemplate the 'meaning' of everything that's happens around us. It's a quirk of the 'code,' I know, but fun in a rather odd way.