Friday, October 26, 2007

"Hell" to pay!

For years -- well, actually for decades, mankind has been battling "air pollution." And for good reason. Natural "air" is a combination of nitrogen, oxygen, trace minor gases, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. The last two are what have come to be known as "greenhouse gases." Pollution is the introduction of dangerous gases and particulates that compete with natural air in interaction with plant and animal life on the planet.

The Environmental Protection Agency highlights the six most common pollutants, four of which so compete - and thus poison all life on the earth. These pollutants are: carbon monoxide [CO], Nitrogen dioxide [NO2], Ozone [03], Sulfur dioxide [SO2], particulate matter [dust, dirt], and lead [Pb, the ultimate "heavy metal"]. The first four are gases that co-opt life-sustaining oxygen in a way that cannot be easily released to feed cells in living things. CO2, on the other hand, is used by trillions of plant cells to build sugars to build healthy plants and feed hungry animals! The number one contributer of Carbon dioxide is - hold onto your hats - breathing animals!! Both plants and animals exhale the other leading "greenhouse" gas: water vapor! This is the beautiful cycle of life created by our wise Creator.

But now, as natural cycles seem to be bringing a warming trend to our planet, some people are considering artificially alter the air (at least above the clouds) to cool down the earth - or halt the warming - much the way a major volcano does. That is, by introducing Sulfur into the stratosphere! Ah, yes, salvation is to come from the bowels of the earth! What could be the consequences of a cloud of sulfur above our [water vapor] cloud cover? And how much would be needed to "save the icecaps (and the polar bears)"?

Two pictures come to mind - one ancient and one modern. That place of death now known as the "Dead Sea" once had thriving cities on its shores: Sodom and Gomorrah. The brimstone that covered them was this same sulfur that these environmental zealots seek to spew into the air! And who can forget the world of The Matrix! Humanity tried desperately to remove sunlight as a power source of the up and coming computers, only to become the living batteries to run the Beast!

As it was once said: "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature." How much more so if mankind seeks to "save" the earth unnaturally!