Saturday, September 21, 2013

Henri Van Martin?

Today, on the defunct French Republican Calendar, is New Year's Eve, Year 221.  It is the complimentary year-end festival day "La Fete des Recompenses" (Celebration of Honors).  Based on classic liberalism, I would assume that would be like "Christmas," with a giving of presents to everyone (though, in capitalism, these would be "rewards"!)

According to the French Republican calendar, I would have been born on 20 Nivose CDXI (161).  If the 10-day week had been maintained, that would have been on Decadi (10th day - the day of rest).  That day on the calendar is named "Van" (Winnowing basket).  I guess I could have been named "Henri Van Martin" in honor of the day.

So, to all those First Republic fans out there: Bonne annĂ©e!!!

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