Wednesday, September 27, 2006

RINOs in the "Republican led" SC Legislature

Well, the big news in SC politics this week is that retiring state senator Verne Smith (R) is supporting the Democrat running against our incumbent governor Mark Sanford (R). Meanwhile, we wonder why Gov. Sanford can't get legislature through a "Republican" legislature.

Well, the Republican candidate for State Superintendent of Schools, Karen Floyd reprinted an article from the Wall Street Journal that highlighted the effect of just a "handful" of left-leaning Republicans can have on a very partisan legislature. In part it read:

"The good news is that the Palmetto State may be reaching a tipping point that could upend the public education establishment. Reform advocates have been building grassroots support for vouchers, tax credits, charter schools -- almost anything that will give parents more options on where to send their children. Governor Mark Sanford, a Republican, is already a supporter of broad-based school choice. The problem has been the Republican-controlled legislature. A handful of GOP members (many from districts with good schools) have lined up with Democrats to oppose anything that might empower parents over the system's bureaucrats."

. . .

"South Carolinians for Responsible Government, a non-profit advocacy group in Columbia, estimates that in November reformers could pick up the seats they need in the house to pass education scholarships and tax credits for parents with kids in failing schools. These reforms failed this year by seven votes."

I added the emphasis. These "Rinos" figured that they could not get re-elected in districts that were beginning to vote Republican in national and state elections. So they switched parties. Even Verne Smith, an "icon" in SC politics, switched a few years back (in 2000, I think). But these politicians are figuring out that we Carolinians don't like wool in our eyes. Let's hope that we put "real" Republicans in their places as soon as possible.

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