Monday, September 25, 2006

Providence at Second Church

God moves in mysterious ways. But He also moves in remarkably well timed ways.

Sunday was our Senior Pastor's last day in our pulpit. He has been with us about the average for our pastors at just short of fifteen years. Atypically, he is leaving without a call to another work. We join him in prayer for the Lord's timing to be as good as it has been this past year.

Our associate pastor's has experienced the gamut of life experiences this year. His two daughters were married, and his first grandchild was born. Then, he turned fifty with a surprise birthday party! And finally, last week, he lost his youngest child to complications from a three-year battle with brain damage. He has been a very busy man.

But now, all these cares have been lifted from him. Just in time for him to lead us through the transition to a new senior pastor. Now that is providence at work!

And another piece of the providence of God at Second Church is the change in our Music Director. Our new director had been with us only since the beginning of the summer. His "other job" was a music teacher in a local school. When the school year began, he found that the demands were too great, and so he had to resign. But alas! We did not have to search far to feel the position. That story is perhaps even more of a "miracle" than with our pastors.

A prominent music professional -- a professor at two Christian Universities in the last four decades -- had retired to Greenville when his beloved wife died. He was living with his daughter and her family. One of his sons had once served as music director with our church. God certainly provides for His own, doesn't He? Any way, his daughter's family was moving overseas for three years, and he was scheduled to go with them. But two things intervened: Cancer and Love.

The cancer was treated and is in remission. An old friend and associate of him and his wife had helped him in his convolescence, which developed into a beautiful later life romance! This man, who had served as our interim music director, has graciously stepped in to fill the vacancy permently!

God moves in such wonderful ways.

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