Friday, September 22, 2006

Ego de lego - making words count

It goes without saying... well, maybe.

When Jesus considers the spoken word, he equates it with the one speaking it. He, Himself, is "THE" Word. And we know we can trust Him. It does no good to "back up" your statement by raising the name of God in vain. As believers we must realize that our authority is ultimately in God Himself.

Therefore, Jesus tells us, we are not to invoke God's name, or any of His attributes, in our daily petitions. This is because we are PART of Him now! When we speak, we have the whole of heaven on our side. When the body works together, then wonders can and will happen!

Our word is our bond. When we break our word, we are acting in an unchristian manner. Therefore: "let your yes be yes, and your 'no' be no! Otherwise, you will demonstrate that you are a fool!

For more information, check out Matthew 33-37.


Jessie said...

You've been tagged... :-) Check out my blog for details.

Henry Martin said...

OK, Jessie. That's what I get for answering your questions, huh? :-)

I just hope the guys in the "Rock's Political Blog Ring" don't kick me out when I "tag" them!