Thursday, September 21, 2006

In record time

Remember Barry Allen? He was the fastest man alive in the "silver age" of comics. That is, in the 60's through the 80's. Then they did some funky things with multiple universes and changed a lot of things in comic land (at least at DC). Well, I think I may be related (my mom's an Allen)!

On Tuesday, I had permission to leave work to attend a graveside service and following memorial service for David Spears. However, since no one could do my "main route," I had to get the bulk of it done in the morning before 11:00, which I figured was do-able. I had not stopped to count the stops, though, so it was probably wishful thinking. It did not help that we were late getting out.

And so, counting drive time to the first stop (20 minutes), we completed SIXTEEN stops in just over two hours. We didn't make the 11:00 deadline, but my driver dropped me off at the church downtown for the memorial service at 12:00. I was only about five minutes late.

In some way, we covered twice the ground we would have on a "normal" day. I am not at all sure that my driver didn't break (or at least bend) a few speed limits of his own. On my part, I must have AVERAGED less than three minutes in any one place. All my stops were on one road, at the end of which was the cemetary where I needed to be at eleven. I popped in, signed for thousands of dollars, and moved on to the next stop. At only one stop did I even have to wait on a customer (and that one is new).

I am surprised I didn't collapse.

After about two hours I "rejoined the program in progress." Other routes had absorbed the stops that I normally would have done in the mean time. I finished with three of my regular stops and one added which had been missed by someone else.

And so, that streak you saw Tuesday morning on Wade Hampton was me, "The Flash."

Remind me not to do that again anytime soon! :-)

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