Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Well, Duh!

News Flash: Theology influences believer's views

Well, an article in USA Today has one of the most "duh" obvious headlines:


When I read that headline in passing today I knew I just had to look the article up! The survey was of over 1700 Americans from across the spectrum. Seventy-seven questions with almost 400 answers were able to discern the worldviews of the respondents.

Well, duh.

The survey found four "types" of God as believed by the over ninety percent of the people polled:

1. Authoritarian
2. Benevelent
3. Critical
4. Distance.

Predictably, those that hold a belief in an authoritative God are more than likely to approve of "legislating morality" [though that designation is next to meaningless]. The views are said to overlap. That is expected of a balanced Biblical view of God. Views 1 & 2 are shared by most evangelicals (about a third of those surveyed). Here is a breakdown of categories:

Since we are created in the "image of God," we know what it is like to have authority. We also know how it is to use that authority for the betterment of mankind and the planet upon which we live. Authoritative AND Benevalent. That is my attitude these days concerning concerning God and His image within me. The founding fathers wrote that the system would only work for a righteous people. As more and more people realize this, this nation may yet turn around!

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