Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A VERY looong HARD day

This has been one of those days! The real problems was that I just had too much to do at work. I ended up on the clock for almost 13 hours!

I got home after 9:00 pm, but I had to get online to help my son who is now in Florida (Embry-Riddle Areonautical Uninversity). I found a folder of computer stuff on a portable hard drive and emailed it to him! I was surprized how easy and how quickly the zipped file was transmitted.1

And then, I worked on fixing some things on the old computer (now my wife's PC). I even "uninstalled" a program that she will never use. I have the updated version on my computer.

In the process of trying to move a shortcut, I opened Outlook Express! As a result, all the unopened mail at Bellsouth got transferred to Outlook on my wife's computer. I had been using that program when Bellsouth's email was messing up on storage space. That problem went away, and now we are back to using the online space to store our email.

And so, here I am, midnight and having to get up in six hours! But I had to blog. It's addicting.

[Oh, sorry Sam. This is a boring blog.]

I encouraged my son to look up the blog! Actually anyone who happens upon this blog is quite welcome to scroll down and check out the musings of my mind.

I didn't have time to prepare a tribute to the "Crocodile Hunter." I only saw a few episodes of this entertaining conservationist. But I enjoy all things Australian. Perhaps I will post concerning Mr. Irwin tomorrow night [Wednesday]. The link takes you to the New York Times Obit.

Man, this blogging stuff is addicting! Good night all.

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