Saturday, September 16, 2006

Googling myself to death?

Just for fun, and not orginal to this blog, I decided to google myself tonight (Sept. 15) and before I knew it, it was "tomorrow"!

Anyway, I found out I am an artist, a composer, and a writer! Well, I can draw, and I am a writer. And I actually did compose a song once. However, my blog profile finally showed up on the bottom of page six!

Well, here are the other "Henry Martin's" that have made their mark on the world: This is the website for professor and composer Henry Martin. He is at Rutgers University. This is not me! This is the site for artist Henry Martin. His art is "unusual," to say the least. His studio is in Edinburgh, UK. A distant cousin in the old country? Here we find cartoons illustrated by Henry Martin, Princeton Grad of 1948. A pretty good artist for a cartoonist. Still not me, or my dad! This is the guy I'd love to be. He is a "writer and sometime poet" who lives in New Hampshire. He has written one novel and just had a book of poetry published. Maybe I could have HIM speak to the local writers guild of which I am a member! Also at This is another artist in the UK. He has illustrated Sermons4Kids. He is vicar St James, Higher Broughton, Salford, UK. I am an ameteur artist myself, so I can see myself doing his work.

And then, there is the Scotish folksong about a pirate, "Henry Martin," sang by Burl Ives (Whom I resemble according to one person I met today) on Wayfaring Stranger. Here are the lyrics:

Henry Martin

There were three brothers in merry Scotland
In Scotland there lived brothers three,
And they did cast lots which of them should go, should go, should go,
For to turn robber all on the salt sea.

The lot it fell on Henry Martin
The youngest of all the three,
That he should turn robber all on the salt sea, the salt sea, the salt sea,
For to maintain his two brothers and he.

He had not been sailing but a long winter's night
And part of a short winter's day,
When he espied a lofty stout ship, stout ship, stout ship,
Coming a-sailing along that way.

'Hello, Hello,' said Henry Martin,
'What makes you sail so high?'
'I'm a rich merchant ship bound for fair London Town, London Town, London Town,
Will you please for to let me pass by?'

'Oh no, Oh no! cried Henry Martin,
'That thing it never can be,
For I have turned robber all on the salt sea, the salt sea, the salt sea,
For to maintain my two brothers and me.'

With broadside and broadside and at it they went
For fully two hours or three,
Till Henry Martin gave to her the death shot, the death shot, the death shot,
Heavily listing to starboard went she.

The rich merchant vessel was wounded full sore,
Straight to the bottom went she,
And Henry Martin sailed away on the sea, the salt sea, the salt sea,
For to maintain his two brothers and he.

Bad news, bad news to old England came,
Bad news to fair London Town,
There was a rich vessel and she's cast away, cast away, cast away,
And all of her merry men drowned.


I guess I'll have to go by the pen name of J. Henry Martin to keep from being confused with the others. Or maybe I could start going by "Jim."

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