Wednesday, September 06, 2006

44 years

In January, 1962 I turned nine years old. Later that year two men on opposite sides of the world were born.

This week sees the end of one of their stories and a new chapter in the other. Often I wonder why I am wiling away my days in a job I was not "born" to fill. I am where I am because it is what was available. This was not the case with either of these men.

Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter," was born of parents that were animal conservationists. That was his life. And he embraced it! He lived the life of he jungles and swamps, the prairies and the oceans, of the natural world. He cared for the animals with which he worked. He was loved the world over. My blogger search yesterday of his name yielded over 6.6 MILLION hits.

Filipe Calderón was born of political parents and has been "in politics" since his youth. He seems to have been "born to lead." He has won the presidential election by a margin much closer than either of the last two US presidential elections. His was a victory made harder by a third party in a country that elects directly. The loser, though, is not as gracious. We think the noise made by Gore and Kerry is annoying. That of López Obrador will be so much more so! My blogger search tonight yeilded only 66 hits. That is 0.001 %

Steve Irwin, 1962-2006. Rest in peace.

Presidenté Filipe Calderón (PAN), 2006-2012. No rest, no peace!

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