Thursday, August 10, 2006

What's left of the Left?

The far end of the political spectrum is called "the left," or perhaps "liberal," though the term "progressive" seems to preferred by the practitioners of the view. It seems that the "L" word has foiled some good candidates.

It seems, though that "the Left" is further left than the liberals. The Left has taken the phrase "civil liberties" to its logical extreme. Those things that used to be considered immoral (and even illegal) are the causes that the left seem bent on defending. While most of them are "normal" folk, they fight for the right of others to be different (or "diverse"). Nothing seems to be taboo anymore for adults (and that is defined differently for different behaviors). On the other hand, our traditional values are relegated to the privacy of our own homes.

The Left has become so "tolerant" of diverse lifestyles that "anything goes" as it comes to private behavior. Nothing is considered "abnormal" any more. In fact, we are criticised for daring to suggest such may be the case. The Left has become the new home of negativism as NOTHING the Right does is accepted as viable. Any "compromise" must be done from the Right.

The Left is out there, seeking stability in shifting sands! Next time, we will consider the "classic Liberal."


hondo said...

You bring up a great point about the liberal definition of the word "compromise." Liberals constantly complain that Pres. Bush is unwilling to compromise, and that this unwillingness to compromise has destroyed his ability to be a "unifier." What liberals really mean is that Bush doesn't let them run the country as they wish, and that makes them mad. In fact, Bush has compromised with the minority party far more often than any president (Republican or Democrat) in recent memory.

Henry Martin said...

And meanwhile, a moderate democrat ("classic liberal"?) gets voted out after eighteen years of service! Personally I think Lieberman can win as an Independent, though I don't know how much "help" he will need from the anemic Republican party to do so.

It sort of reminds me of the hunter and the bear. He went into the woods to get a fur coat, the bear was looking for a good meal. They "compromised." The hunter has a fur coat -- he is inside the bear!