Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The half-life of Hm 106?

I have often said I am as healthy as a horse and weigh about half as much as one. Though I have been overweight since childhood, there was a time when I was actually thinner than I should be. I have pictures to prove it. I stood six foot tall and weighed about 165 lbs. I looked like a scarecrow. I don't remember feeling less healthy, but we had two young boys at the time (around 1980) and I was probably only eating one full meal a day. We were poor, but really didn't know any better!

Once we both got jobs (before and after our daughter was born in 1982), I quickly surpassed the 200 - lb. mark and eventually approached 260 by 2004. I am down to around 230 now, and feeling "ok," whatever that means. Long story short, I am still "healthy." I tell folks that I am in "midlife" and will no doubt live to be 106! Well, I just read that the modern record was 122. The oldest person alive just died at age 116, leaving the another to hold the title who is also 116. If I don't change my eating habits, for one thing, my logevity is more than likely just an illusion.

My paternal grandmother died in her thirties (probably diabetes related). My maternal grandmother died at age 88. A mixed message on the female side (Smith and Justice). However, on the male side, the history is not as good. My maternal grandfather died suddenly of a heart attack (apparently in good health otherwise) at age 54. I am now 53. My paternal grandfather died at age 60. So as an overweight man (some charts STILL have me as "obese") I may not get the best rates from the insurance companies (though my personal history is good).

I am now a grandfather. And that naturally makes one by definition "old." And so, when I have an "episode" while attending duties as "head usher" a couple of weeks back you'd think I would have taken a day off and had myself checked out. But no, I just sat down and let in pass. Am I going to die of stupidity? I have time I can take. I just need to make an appointment and have the tests done! Younger folk than me are doing it in the same work enviroment (long hours, less than optimum conditions, moderate stress). Here's hoping that posting this will give me the motivation to "take care of it."

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hondo said...

God bless you Henry, get yourself checked! You sound as bad as me about letting a doctor "take a look under the hood" when necessary. We've got people depending on us, you and I, so we had better take care of ourselves. Let's make a promise to pray for each other that God would give us both good health, and a little more wisdom so we that could take the right steps to preserve that health.