Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sitting behind a pole

Jesus did not like hypocrites. In Matthew 7, He relates an illustration from the carpenter's shop. In his pre-ministry years, he was undoubtably an artisan of the finest order. Working along side Joseph, he most likely got sawdust in his eyes. There weren't OSHA standards back then!

He could probably remember days when Joseph would be planing a beam destined to hold up a corner of a shop somewhere, only to call over to him to be careful with the broom!

However, the picture that came to me as I studied this passage on Friday morning was the actual beam erected to hold up a balcony. You have tickets to a great show. They were "bargains." And they are behind a pole. Your view of the stage is awful. You have a "beam in your eye." Nonetheless, you sit in the bad seat and proceed to criticise the activity on the stage.

When need, rather, to avoid seats behind poles if we are to rightfully judge the performance on the stage. Only then can we get a perspective that allows us to understand the character of the guys in the spotlight.

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