Friday, August 11, 2006

In the light of the crescent

I suppose I will have to say something about the foiled terrorist activities in England.

They captured most of the cell, but not all. And this is troublesome.

Many ask if these terrorists are "patriots," having an intense desire of their national pride. Their montivation is one of distrust. They don't trust Western civilization OR "Western" religion. Our culture is despised, but moreso our religion.

This goes back to the beginning. Abram was a woshipper of the moon god. His son Ishmael reverted to this religion many years later. When the true God made Himself known to this descendant of Shem [=Melchilsedec?], He was declaring war on the moon god.

Jacob's brother Essau followed after his uncle in worshipping the supreme god of the "forefathers." And by Mohammed's time this god had come to be called "Allah" (akin to the Hebrew "eloh" [strong one].") and was demoted to cheif among other gods.

The "Dark Ages" began. The god of darkness "ruled" for about a thousand years. And his sign was the cresent. There is not a whole lot of light under a "new moon."

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