Thursday, August 03, 2006

I, though, say unto you ...

I grew up in the turbulous 60's. These were the days in which conservatives were either fighting a war a half a world away, or working to put a man on the surface out of this world. The liberals were protesting the war and voting to fund welfare in a time of prosperity.

And then there were the "Jesus Freaks." These were related to the "peace-nics," but they were religious folks that "took Jesus seriously." The "Jesus movement" really took off in the seventies, though. I actually visited the Christian commune of Koinia (sp?) near Americus, Ga. The sermon on the mount was their blueprint.

As I study through the gospel of Matthew, I am impressed that Jesus DID have much of that sense of community in mind when he preached of the kingdom of heaven to his disciples. Ours is not a political system, but a worldview with its sights set in another kingdom altogether. This kingdom is here today - in a way - with the world-wide dispersion of the church. The most life is "seen" in parts of the world that receive very little secular notice. In these lands where persecution is common the words of Jesus from the mount ring very true!

In Matthew 5:38-47 Jesus presents a worldview that is diametrically opposed to the world's way of thinking. In fact it is almost as foreign to the modern "Western" church as well. He says there is absolutely NO ROOM for retaliation or hate in the mind of His followers. He states emphatically that HE says something that goes much deeper than the religionists of His day.

Ego de lego. That could be the theme of the Master's message to us. Literally, "I, though, say" or as translated in most versions "But, I say." He quotes the Jewish mindset of his day - and ours, I suppose - that we have to do God's work for him. Well, in doing the "work of God" in acts of kindness and humility we show Him to the world. But alas, the world hates Him, so it will hate us. Nevertheless, "Ego de lego" echoes downthrough the millenia. It is not "what would Jesus do?" for He is God. But rather, it is "what has Jesus SAID?"

Let us reread the message from the mountain. What has Jesus said?

I am designing the bracelet! Should it be initials WHJS? Or the transliterated Greek "Ego de lego"? Or maybe even the phrase in Greek letters!


hondo said...

Your comment about the words of Jesus ringing true in those places where persecution is common really got me thinking. Each and every story of the Bible, both in the O.T. and N.T., illustrates how God's power works most dramatically through our weakness. I suppose the same theme is evident here. Those countries where persecution of Christians is most common are also those places where the most souls are won for Christ, and in the most dramatic ways. This sure reveals some profound truths about God's power, doesn't it?

Rock said...

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Sean Dietrich said...

I love your blog,
I just did an interview with Duane Pederson from the 70's Jesus Movement on our podcast. He started the Hollywood Free Paper. It was my favorite podcast we have done so far. He had so many cool things to say! He is still a Jesus Freak! That is all I want to be! Keep up the good blogging!

"All my music is free."