Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Normally, I don't like change. But today, my "life" online changed. For the first time in years I have truly upgraded my computing power. Today my Dell Inspiron B130 arrived.

Like my last full service computer, a 400 Mhz E-machine, this laptop is "free." The last computer was free after rebates with two years of internet service. This time the interest on a credit card is paying for the computer. The amount of money that HAS to remain in the account at the present APR will more than pay for this machine in the required 18 months. I picked up six months off the old deal!

The other change came when my son Sam saw that I was "still using" Microsoft Internet Explorer. He commandeered the computer and in moments I had Foxfire loaded as my default browser. It is similar to Netscape (which I had been using until the last time I restored my interim computer -- my daughter's old laptop, 550 Mhz HP). I can't tell much difference so far, but I have read good things about it. And the best thing is, it's free!

With it's built in wireless connection, I was into high speed (DSL routed) computing all around. This computer is about three times faster, and it is more compatible with some of the more recent drivers. There is very little waiting for downloading now. I am now in Windows XP rather than the archaic ME of the other computer.

When it comes to computing, change is good. Though I will always love DOS.

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