Sunday, August 13, 2006

Any "upstate" watchers "down under"?

Well, I see by the watch on my wrist that this day is just about gone. It was my 29th wedding anniversary. Every year of it has been spent in Greenville, SC. All four of our children were educated at BJ, with only my daughter scheduled to finish her education there (unless she heads out of state for a doctorate!)

But what has that got to do with "down under"? Well, even though I stay here in SC, I noticed that I just picked up one visit from Brazil. That's in South America (the fifth continent, and only one I've visited!) So now, all I am looking for to be truly intercontinental is Australia. I am linked (see sidebar) to Hondo at Christian Conservatives blogspot, and he has a "fan" there! If Hondo attracts the Aussies, why can't I? :-)

There ARE upstate connections in Australia. My daughter Becca spent a summer with a mission team working with the Kwoks on Australia's east coast. The PCA has missionaries on the west coast of that continent.

And so, how about some folks from the fine continent "down under" checking out the "upstate"?


hondo said...

Well, I'll tell you how I attracted Bukko to my site. I regularly post comments on a left-wing blog called It was founded by a guy named Robert Scheer, who holds the distinction of being too liberal for the LA Times (I know, it amazes me too!). They fired him, actually, because his columns were filled with so many lies that they weren't able to defend him anymore. is more of the same. I post my right wing, Reagan Conservative opinions on that site pretty frequently, and the "regulars" on that site absolutely hate me! You can't believe some of the stuff they say, but, truth be told, I kind of get a kick out of it. Bukko is one of the regulars, and he has decided to "come after me" on my blog. Actually, I'm glad he did. He provides sort of a "point-counter point" to my views which I hope is educational. I'm certain it's entertaining! So, that's the story of Bukko.

Henry Martin said...

I actually got an Australian hit (or more specifically [1-10] visits) from the "outback." I now have had visitors from all six civilized continents.

I wonder if any of the scientists on Antarctica blog?

After posting this, I surfed the "next blog" and actually came upon a lady from Australia about three blogs over. I resisted commenting though that would surely have drawn her to my blog.

BTW, I checked my old website (see above, sorry about the HTML mixup) choose the "previous post" to view the separated blogs. I have passed the 9000 mark in six short years! :-)

Maybe I'll finish the site (last updated in 2004) before it reaches the magic 10,000 mark.