Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Is the Right right?

Since I am the first member of a new political blog, I guess I should at least have one political blog a week. And so, as a conservative, I will lay down what I think about the various political movements.

The names we give the different groups seem quite interesting. On a spectrum of "right to left," the right is that group that is stuck in the past, I guess. The main idea about being at the "starting point" of a time line is that things should stay the same.

What makes the right "right"? I would say that standing on time-honored "absolutes" is the key. Without a basic belief in the unchanging principles that society has been built upon, there is less security for each of us and our nation.

Those of other persuasion continue to call us "right" even while insisting that we are "mistaken," or even "wrong." What do words mean any more?

So, the "Right" is right because they stand on principles laid down in history. When they take stands, though, that have no basis in natural or revealed law, then they are wrong. No matter what "tradition" might say.

Remember the sermon on the mount. Jesus proclaimed "ego de lego" (actually he probably said it in Aramaic, but it sounds good in Greek) -- I, though, say ...

He went against "tradition" because the "conservatives" of his day had forsaken the principles of the Law (10 commandments) for their own "comfortable" traditions. Jesus made them uncomfortable.

And so, the Right was wrong on segregation and the prejudice that created it. They were wrong with slavery, and they were wrong with much of the "manifest destiny" in building a shore to shore nation on this continent. The Right is wrong when it makes wealth a measure of righteousness (that is, making "greed" a virtue). And, in my opinion the Right is wrong when it lets zenophobic nationalism criminalize immigration. The only reason the immigrants are "illegal" is because we, the majority, have declared it so.

I hope that this has not confused anybody out there. I am conservative. I believe that the constitution, as written, should be the guide to how we run this nation. As for the LAWS, they should be based on established laws with their roots in natural and revealed law that have withstood the tests of time.

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