Sunday, August 20, 2006

Asking the right Person

In Matthew 7, Jesus deals further with the matter of prayer. More specifically, with WHO it is we are praying to. First, he uses a couple of unclean animals as illustrations. Both the dog and the pig (here probably a wild boar) are scavengers. They represent the worst picture of the unbelieving world. Jesus has nothing "personally" against the animals themselves, but the picture is clear -- you don't throw your precious items out with the trash into the garbage dump (in Jerusalem that would be Gehenna).

Instead, you will share such things with Family. More specifically, you will share them with your Heavenly Father. As children of God, why should we expect our needs to be met by the world? We are Ambassadors for the Kingdom of Heaven. It is from our homeland that we are to look for our support! When we come to God in prayer, we know that He will have our best interests at heart. He will provide even as we are in the process of asking! Just as any normal human father would not deliberately defraud his children, we know that our Heavenly father will provide for all our true needs.

Are we communicating with family or with strangers?

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