Monday, August 07, 2006

Ego de lego, part two

Here it is almost midnight and I have just completed my daily devotions. I usually do my translating (actually just word studies in an inter-liniar NT) and devotions in the morning, but I slept late this morning.

And then, after over ten hours of work there was a good deacon's meeting. So, home at 9:30, blogging a little, and back into the word. Jesus has just told his disciples how "NOT" to pray and then gives them this model prayer. Thus the title of this blog -- Part two.

Matthew 6:9-10 gives us the first two thoughts of the prayer.

  1. The supremacy of the Name of God, and
  2. The extent of the reign of God.
Because we don't shout our prayers to be seen of men, but rather get behind closed doors for an intimate conversations with our Father, we must know just WHO it is we are talking to. He is the Creator and Master of all that is. And His name is YHWH -- I AM WHO I AM -- the convenant making and covenant keeping Ruler of Everything. And he is "our Father"! How can we not worship him?

Jesus has said: Pray this way -- Father of ours, the One in the heavens, let your name be set apart. Let your reign be over us. Let your desire be on the earth as it is in heaven.

True freedom is to be in bondage to the right master. A paradox, but true.

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