Monday, August 21, 2006

The Devil in a wool suit

We have all seen them. They have the fine suits and the new cars. They preach a gospel that makes Jesus look like a failure in his low estate. They are profitting falsely as false prophets!

They know all the right religious words, the "Jesus language," but it is all ultimateley themselves that they promote. They have by who knows what means become rich and influencial in more and more circles. And all they have can be yours if you but "believe" that it can happen! Believe in the power of your own words. Name it and claim it as a child of God. So many lies.

It reminds me of what the garden of Eden must have been like. A tree (pomegranate?) in the midst of a field of life giving wheat! But the Man and his wife could not eat of its beautiful fruit! Life or "death"? What a choice, huh? But Satan clothed himself in the body of a beautiful dragon, a "serpent" of shiny skin, and probably ate freely of the tree! Well, you know the story.

And so, thorns and thistles grew up, choking out all fruitfulness in untended trees everywhere. Tares were growing where only wheat once grew tall. None of these can bring forth good fruit, even if they produce lucious greenery and even pretty flowers (we know it as kudzu in the south!) Such is the work of these wolves in "sheep's clothing." Be a Berean.

See Matthew 7:15-19; 13:3-30; Acts 17:10-11.

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