Thursday, August 24, 2006

The battle for the womb

Two related stories deserve a comment tonight. First, the "morning after pill" gets the okay from the drug authorities for Over the counter for adults. Sexually active children still need permission!

Aside from the obvious accommendaton to our sinfulness, the "Plan B" solution (what's plan A? A condem?) appears to be an assault on a possible developing human within the womb of the woman. The extra-strength birth control pill changes the chemical nature of the lining of the uterus "just in case" an embryo has formed in the hours before. The embryo, if fertilization occurs -- indeed if ovulation has even occured -- is left in an enviroment in which it cannot survive. Every "Morning After Pill" poses the risk of terminating a pregnancy. The end result, no matter what, will be negative population growth!

The other story actually shows promise to actually SAVE embryos even while extracting cells with which to develope "stem cell" lines. If it weren't for the fact that fertility clinics routinely destroy most of the embryos in an attempt to preserve a viable seed, this would be good news. Perhaps, one day, "test tube" embryos will ALL become babies. If this were to be the case, then singe cells taken early enough would be an excellent source for building blocks for better and longer lives. Until then, I think we should stick to cord blood and bone marrow.

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