Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Seven Churches of the Apocolypse

Tonight, I will reveal a bit of my theological bent. I am, as this chart shows, a historist when it comes to interpreting Revelation. I will leave it to later posts to reveal what I think is happening next! 8-o

A balanced history emerges as the church has grown these past two millennia. Though the intervals are not EXACTLY the same, neither were the "days" of the Old Testament that divide God's working with his people. One would be tempted to "make" the chart below come out "evenly" -- with an even 1000 years in the middle, for instance -- but the balance is nonetheless impressive to this writer.

The template is messing up the picture presentation. Click on the picture to open it in another window. Also, to view the whole presentation go to my website (90% of Revelation, interpreted).

Though the various churches typified in Asia Minor remain with us, it would seem that we have seen the end of the "longsuffering" of the Lord (2 Peter 3:9 ff). As I will attempt to show in the following pages, I believe that His plan for the "Endtimes" has come. It is this picture that Jesus now shows the beloved apostle. The things that follow are not pleasant, and we should not look to be removed from them (as with a "rapture'), but instead to prepare ourselves physically and spiritually to face them, even as the believers of the Smyrna church did.

"For me to live is Christ,
To die is gain."

-- The Apostle Paul
Philippians 1:21

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