Saturday, July 01, 2006

Surfing the Blogosphere

I had no real insight into the world today, so I just kept hitting the "Next Blog" link for who knows how long. I saw a lot of stuff, only two so distasteful I had to "flag" them to notify the administrators of blogspot that I disapproved. It may or may not remove them from the random stream of blogs, but I did my little part.

I found that sometimes the "Next Blog" will be a website, almost always an advertisement. And then there is the "Bestest Blog of all times" which has devised a blog sharing plan which enhances the chance that a blog will show up on a search engine's search. I am considering joining his page just for the fun of it. Perhaps I will get more hits because of it.

I did hit upon one dieting blog that was not going real well. However, she did have links to the importance of WATER in ones diet (and in "dieting"). Since the water thing is fresh with me, I visited her links. There seems to be a disagreement on how much water I should be drinking. My source said 8 ounces per 20 pounds of weight. One of her sources indicated dividing your weight in pounds by 2 to determine the amount of ounces to drink. The second method works out to 10 ounces per 20 pounds. Either way you figure it, that's a lot of water!

I will probably post more about water and diet in the days to come, especially if nothing else grabs my attention. Tomorrow is the Lord's Day, and I will be both ushering and praying the evening prayer. Hopefully, with this much responsibility, I will have some inspiring thoughts for this space when next I venture into the blogosphere.

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