Thursday, July 13, 2006

Spotted on the ride home

I drive home on a six-lane spur of I85 - I385 (which actually extends halfway to Columbia). Today I spotted two "vanity plates" as the cars sped around and past me. One called to mind horror stories or at least "bad luck." The other reminded its "readers" of the only source of true peace.

Visions of "bad luck" were called up when I saw the following:

Friday the thirteenth! What could have "possessed" them to chose this call up THAT number for an ID? This motorist considers "Luck" to be a determining factor in the course of this world. The "invisible hand" of Chance, AKA "evolution," rules his "universe."
And then, Hope:
Luke 2
When God stepped into history, everything changed. When He left, he promised to return. In the meantime, we become instruments of change. The beautiful story of the Nativity of Christ is unmatched in literature today. The God of unimaginable power - creator of all things - comes to lay in the filth that is an abandoned stone feeding trough. And His messengers go to the lowest among the people - shepherd of dumb sheep that are destined for sacrifice. Their lives meant little as long as the sheep were preserved from harm! In Luke 2 we see the full humanity of our Savior. In Him the hand of God became visible.

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