Thursday, July 20, 2006

Why do people fail?

My "long lost brother" called me tonight. He was definitely feeling down, though he said things were "looking better." This may be a good sign, as when there is "trouble in paradise" there is hope for improvement.

He said, "Ponder this, why do people fail?"

My immediate answer: because we are human.

He chastised me -- "ponder this, I said." His point was that I was not to give an answer right away. He has just got a new job after being out of work for a little while, from what he said. He had been "preaching" to himself on this question and his conclusion: "People fail because they don't like what they are doing."

He has seen hard times because he thought he was doing what he liked. He is certainly doing what he is good at -- having never had much else that pays what his present job pays. But his lifestyle is bad for his family -- his wife and young daughter from whom he is separated.

He has asked for prayer. We know that we will all fail if we don't turn to God. So, to succeed let us do the "superhuman" thing -- draw near to God.

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