Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy birthday Mr. President

As I blogged yesterday, I am 12th cousin to George W. Bush. I am sure he doesn't know me, and I have never met him. However, I did shake hands with his father, my 11th cousin, once removed. Pres. Bush (43) doesn't remember me either. :-)

Any way, if anyone is collecting birthday greetings for the president from the blogosphere, here's a hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the president! I read that he celebrated on the fourth and tonight is dining with a head of state in some location, perhaps in Texas.

He is 60 years old today. And I look older than he at only 53! I am losing weight, but I am far from being as fit as he is. He is looking good for someone about 95% of the way to 2 BILLION seconds old, huh? It's hard to believe it was over 20 years ago that I figured out the age of 1 Billion seconds was fast approaching for me. As a 30 year old I had more time on my mind. :-)

One billion seconds comes to 31.69 years (31 years, 9 months). It puts things into perspective, doesn't it? And now, we boomers are eating up that second billion seconds like there is no tomorrow! Statistically, most of us will see that 2 billionth second, even though we didn't have carseats, ate lead paint, lived with asbestos curtains, etc! Some of us will even make it to three billion seconds (95 years, 23 days). Heck, our own Strom Thurmond (my sixth cousin, a few times removed) was re-elected to the senate just shy of that mark!

Happy birthday "W," may you reach the three billion mark. Enjoy every second of it!

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