Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A problem with "gender"

I am a conservative. I state that in my byline, and it can be discerned from my profile. However, that does not explain why the following statement bothers me so much:

"The theory of evolution says nothing about the existence or nonexistence of God. People might argue about what sort of supreme being would work her will through such a seemingly haphazard arrangement, but that is not the same as denying that she exists in the first place."

That is from an article at the New York Times about several books concerning the debate concerning the theory of evolution. How is it that this science writer can get away with speaking of God as "her" and "she"? I came across that the other night at a blog as well. How is it that secularists so easily refer to the god they don't even know as "she." Perhaps in is among "talking points" among liberals to lampoon God by using the feminine pronoun?

Since God is not a man (except in the person of Jesus), we can not logically insist that the masculine pronoun be used. However, in His role as Father and Husband (OT), it is logical to assign the pronoun "He" to God even if there were never any personal pronoun used in referring to Him. Jesus settled this when He instructed his disciples to pray "Out Father, who is in heaven." The blogger and the writer have succombed to the temptation to be "politically correct" thinking. Let the record speak for itself. YHWH just IS.

It is hard to imagine speaking of God as anything BUT "he." Especially if you believe in Him. That leads me to believe that some writers have little understanding of Who God is or what he has done.

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hondo said...

Thank you, Henry, for your thoughtful comments. I have been reading from 1 Corinthians this week, and the first 2 chapters talk about how the world just can't comprehend God's wisdom or the Good News of Jesus Christ.
With regards to your thoughts about linking to each other's sites--that would be great! i confess that I am something of a novice with "all things computer", so I don't know how to do that. point me in the right direction and I will "link away!"