Friday, June 30, 2006

Paradise Restored?

As this is a daily blog and not a treatise or even dedicated webpage, I will not go too much into the specifics of this theory. However, I do believe that it is more than a coincidence that the acknowledged worldwide semi-tropical climate of pre-historic times was largely due to the abundance of PLANTS at the time. The creationist has a good argument in HOW that plantlife, with all it's carbon, got under the surface!

And now, evolutionary scientists, especially, are on the leading edge of the panic over the "carbon dioxide" crisis in the world of the future. Global warming is seen as such a horrible thing. Industry has worked hard to reduce the truly harmful pollutants to next to nothing, while promoting the use of fuel sources that continue to add a compound to the air that is not poisonous in any amount that is likely to arise in the atmosphere -- good old CO2!

Carbon dioxide is the plant kingdom's best friend, along side sunlight and water. The benefits of the latter two are enormous to animal life as well, but that is for another blog. Plants take the CO2 and add it to water to make up the numerous proteins that we call food! And the more CO2, the better for the plants. In fact, in the Netherlands the oil refineries are selling their CO2 to hothouses to produce VERY healthy roses! One can only wonder, as the world reaches a maximum sustainable population sometime this century, when we will return all the carbon trapped in another age to the atmosphere. And when that happens, the cylce will begin again as the plant kingdom comes again to dominate the biosphere, trapping the added CO2 in longer and longer growing seasons, as the conditions vacationers long for become common place around the world!

A good article on the benefits of global warming by CalTech grad Simon Que is found at Thank you, Simon, for the inspiration for today's blog. And, to you Arnie Stanton (also of California), for emailing me the link to Simon's article.

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