Thursday, October 19, 2006

Time + sound = music

Tonight at the quarterly meeting of the Creation Study Group of Greenville, SC, our guest lecturer was less than "inspiring." After a lifetime as a music teacher he has become a lecturer on Creation science. As an artist he makes scale models of Noah's Ark (but alas, no such visual aids tonight). The local group wanted him to speak on the principles behind music in nature. He taught us about the pipe organ.

Afterwards, some of the questions did get a little interesting (or should I say, the answers). It was interesting that he had way more freedom to speak his mind in Russian schools than he does in American ones. Hmmm .....

When I got home I was just "blurfing" and came upon a link to scientists putting the seismic sounds and vibrations of volcanoes to notated scores. The results are fascinating. They used software to convert the data to to music.

The originator of this project, Dominico Vicinaza, produced THIS when he "mixed" the score on a symphosizer. Mt Eatna never sounded so good!

The raw data from any activity can be "sonified" and even mixed to give us "music." However, as this random activity on an internet server illustrates, the purposeful activity of nature is "more than random"!

If this IS possible with a "cheap MIDI interpreter," then I want the software. I wonder what sunspot activity would sound like. Or even the orbits of the planets!?

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