Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Axis of Evil

Well, it seems that things just keep edging toward Armegeddon. The world is not a very safe place these days. And I guess this is to be expected. Since the waining days of the twentieth century I have been "preaching" that we are most likely in the last generation in this world as we know it.

This is not an easy position for me to take, for I am an optimist at heart. I would much rather be a post-millenialist basting in the glow of the advance of the kingdom of God across the globe. But the events of the twentieth century do not point in that direction.

The scenario of a confrontation in the mideast that includes the ancient powers of Iran (Persia), Iraq (Babylon) and of the far east (200,000,000 men!) is easily forseen. China's "control" over North Korea will come to be a turning point in her return as a superpower. Together with her willing students, Bejing can easily make herself known.

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