Tuesday, October 03, 2006

From Plains to the Little Whitehouse

Well, for a boy from southwest Georgia, I have been gone too long! I had planned quite a long day of visiting the sites to include natural and national "wonders." By the time I went to bed last night I had pared it down to just two stops: The small towns that contained the "only homes" that two presidents ever owned.

I chose to first go to Plains, where Jimmy Carter was born and grew up. He moved back there after a stint in the Navy and even after being president. We figured maybe an hour "seeing the sites." Well, two things happened. First, we didn't get away until almost 11:00! Two hours after I had anticipated. Anyway, we got to Plains (a mere 38 miles away from Albany) around 1:00 pm. Our first stop was the boyhood farm. That alone took an hour with a self-directed walking tour. I got a few good pictures, but I haven't got them uploaded yet. And then we went into town to the old Plains High School which is now the "Welcome Center" and museum. Them folk are might proud of ol' Jimmy! Another self-directed tour of the surprizingly rich history of our 39th president and former governor proved to take a LOT longer that we expected. We left plains about 3:00 pm in the hopes of reaching the "Little White House" in Warm Springs in time to catch the last tour of the day.

We didn't make it. Well, if we had wanted to do a self-directed "whirlwind" tour in 20 minutes we could have got in for a little over half price. We browsed the bookstore, tempted to just buy a souvenir and say we were "there." We will be going back at a more convenient time. I visited the Little White House years ago, but my wife has never been there.

We took the "long way" home after eating near Columbus at just about the time I thought we would. We saw a beautiful sunset while scoping out tomorrow's adventures to the "west coast" of the Empire State of the South. We'll see quite a bit of the Chattahoochee River tomorrow.

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