Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Seal of Approval

Actually, I was not sure what to call this blog, but it has to do with a site I found via "Bestest Blog" this evening. Above is one of a few seals I generated at "says-it.com." I am trying to decide what to use for my "ego de lego" campaign. This seal displays the Hebrew for "Lord" (Adonai) rather than the more correct "LORD" (YHWH).

This one says it fairly well, since the phrase "Ego de lego" means "I, though, say." I like the laurel, as a symbol of the crown of life. The lamp is His word.

And this is an excellent reminder of our mission: To reach the lost in this world with the message of the grace of God in Christ! I replaced the laurel with wheat, for ovious reasons.

Of course, the "says-it.com" site would love to custom design seals for individuals and companies, in order to make money with their programming. However, with their limited library on line there are "countless" combinations for excellent seals to upload to websites!

Let me know when you post YOUR seal. :-)


Humor-Me said...

put your words on more unique images on www.txt2pic.com.

Henry Martin said...

Thanks. I guess I just clicked through the link (it comes to my email first) without clicking to see which post you had responded to.

However, I see that the original post was not meant to be "humorous," so I guess I didn't make a connection.

If you get serious, check out some of my posts. I'd love to have a person instead of an "agent" for a website, no matter how funny it is. :-)

Humor Me said...

I never said anything homourous, unless you are referring to my silly nickname?

It seemed that you enjoyed creating images online so I gave you a link to another similar site for your enjoyment.

Sorry to ruin your day :(

For future reference, I am posting a reply to your blog page http://upstatethoughts.blogspot.com/2006/10/seal-of-approval.html

Henry Martin said...

H.M., actually you did not "ruin" my day. I appreciate folks visiting the site, no matter what brought them there.

What, especially, DID bring you to my site? Was it Bestest Blog? Or were you searching for users of images online?

I think your image generators are great! I was just inviting you to read more personally in order to "broaden your horizons." Focus on ones task is great, but there comes a time when we need to check out different stuff. That is why I originally posted the seals on this page.