Monday, October 02, 2006

Do Your Best and give God the Glory

Sometimes reality is reflected in fiction. This time, the very making of a movie illustrates the message of the movie. The theme could have been any number of things, but they chose football. Some might question the timing of bringing out a football movie on a small budget, as an indie, in the same season as two other football films. But, then again, those other two did not seek an overt Christian message.

Some have said that Facing the Giants lacked professionalism. But I saw none of that. They did not use cheap video cameras, but only ONE high quality professional camera (according to what I read on the site). I was in one film, which was big on professionalism, and this film was on par with it. The other film, produced by Bob Jones University, was a period film (Sheffey) about a circuit riding preacher. A small church production company succeeded in getting into theaters that would shun those of a large religious producton company.

I have also played football. And the action shots were tremendous in this film. The work of turning a football team aound can be daunting - look at Lou Holtz's dismal record with the losing team at the University of South Carolina! Even a coaching legend needs material to begin with, and this fictional UGA alumni (again MY alma mater, though I didn't play college ball) is seen as a sincere coach of a CHRISTIAN school.

That the team would be up against an obviously different division school is odd, but it certainly made for good drama, not to mention the TITLE. Well, I don't think a Christian school would call their team the "Giants," but then, this is fiction (not to mention a parable of sorts).

The comic relief was incredible with the assistant coaches! The family problems of Coach Taylor rang true, though I wish the actors could have produced more real tears (Mrs. Taylor did show tears ONCE). That car was just like some that I have had! It is a wonder, I suppose, that they could have afforded that house in the Albany market on $30,000 dollars a year. But then, they may have been more like Leesburg. :-)

The message of the gospel was clearly shown. And furthermore, the message of the Christian life was even more prevelent. Over all, Facing the Giants was an excellent movie and I recommend it to all Christians who feel they can in good conscience go to a secular theater.

And the PG rating? Well, kids might just ask about WHY they couldn't have a baby. Or maybe even HOW? Hmmm... :-)

But then, the ones who rated it explained that it WAS the religion. I think it probably SHOULD be watched with a parent because it has so much spiritual meat!

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