Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why did the dog cross the street?

Okay.  Just for the fun of it, I opened the Solitaire program this morning to get 8 Q 2 J K 2 6.  This translates to 812-211-1326.  This time I got hit on a number in Chandler, Indiana.  However, doing a reverse search with Spokeo, the "owner" of that "landline" is presently at an address in Montgomery, Alabama.  This is odd.

Using Whitepages.com, I can confirm that the number is indeed the state of Indiana and not Alabama.  The available area code directory then shows that it is in southern Indiana, confirming the first search result to a point.  Short of calling the number or paying for the privilege of more info, I'd say this is about as far as I can go.

Going on to random links of the numbers 211 1326 I stumbled across a couple of things that are interesting.  First, a GIF submitted to Reddit.com a year ago, measuring 320 x 211 at 1326 Kilobytes, one finds a funny video of a dog crossing the road on two legs. Thanks go out to submitter "derplink."  Oddly, my download reduced the size to 976 KB.  Enjoy:

Speaking of walking, Yahoo Answers a question about walking around a round pond with an area of "about 138,656 square feet," with an approximate walk being 1326 feet, given a rounded radius of 210.1 feet and keeping one's feet dry.  To quote the answer: "This would make my walk 2 pi * 211 = 1326 ft (approx)."  The circumference of the given area is 1320 feet (to two decimal places).  It is odd that someone would give the area, but being a math guy I kinda understand.

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