Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Random Frivolity

This is so much fun that I'm posting a new number for the third day in a row.  I know, I need to "get a life" -- but hey, right now this IS my life.

Today I have 610 711 1012 4.  I have combined the two-digit numbers consistently with the numbers before them, leaving a single "4" at the end.  (610) 711-1012 is a phone number in Philadelphia, but apparently is private.  Then again,, "directory assistance," puts the number in Allentown.  The area code puts it in Allentown.  Once again, I find the online directory assistance lacking!

Well, 711-1012  seem to be pages in the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry, all of which are for sale in approximately 5-page articles (going price: $31.50!).  Those interested can look up Volume 5, Issue 8.  Be warned, by use of "mass framentography" minute amounts of steroids can be used to extrapolate peak levels! (Abstract, pages 727-732).

Steroids might suggest athletes, but I doubt if any were used by those running in the Autism Speaks 5K in Potomac, MD (July 4, 2011).  Placing 12th in the 60-64 class, a man from Columbia, SC, ID# 711, placed 1012th overall.  In the chart from, this showed up as 711 1012 in adjacent columns on the chart!  Hmm... This is a possible link back to the first post on Monday.  Thank you, David R., for running for Autism.

Of course, I could go with 610-711.  That looks like a sequence, and indeed, it is a period of time.  On the first page for a search for "610 711," I came upon the Herakleian Dynasty that just so happened to dominate the Byzantine Empire in the seventh century AD.    Like I said, I could go there, but I've written enough.  Thanks for stopping by,

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