Sunday, July 27, 2014

Special Needs

Today I the top cards were three queens, four, ten, seven and nine. (12 12 12 4 10 7 9).  My first response was to discard the queens for the sequence following them: 4-10-7-9.  I immediately thought that might be a Biblical reference.  Numbers 10:7-9 records God's command concerning trumpet calls - one to worship and the other to battle.  The call to worship and the call to battle remind the people of God that He is near whenever He is needed.  John 10:7-9 records Jesus' words "I am the door of the sheep," and what that means to the flock.  Both passages are reminders that our God is here with us.

With that, I should just post and be done with it. But alas, I'm "hooked" for a while on the random number thing.  So, here goes with "1212":

The Atlanta Zoo has set up a live feed camera to watch the pandas -- the PandaCam!  Click on the link to watch the pandas Live.  The page is designated "1212," so you get this link!  Enjoy.

Finally, another link to Autism: the July & Michael Tracy Family Foundation.  Their Urban Autism Solutions has "Project 1212" that opened June 6, 2014 in Chicago.  From the website:

It is designed to have a secure, nurturing environment. While it will have a family-like staff, it isn’t intended to function as a “container.” On the contrary, it’s a vibrant community-within-a-community. The specific autism friendly design includes a combination of public and private spaces. 
This is a residential group home for autistic individuals with a full-time staff. Though I would prefer solutions that work around the home, I can see where a need is out there for such a facility in most communities.


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