Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Don't Punch the "Cheerleader"

Okay, this time I used the numbers indirectly to find a news item to perhaps comment upon.  The numbers "generated" by my Solitaire program were "510 1112 6131," leading to a house at an address in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  The numbers are also three separate Nokia cell phones, but what's there to say about that?

So, looking for News about Muskogee, I come upon two criminal investigations: one of murder and one high-profile assault case.  I will comment on the alleged assault case.  I say "alleged" for legal clarification.  The accused admits to doing the damage to the woman accusing him in her own words "with one punch."

This is the case of incoming freshman Joe Mixon who unfortunately had a run-in with a local woman before ever attending Oklahoma University, who drafted him from California.  According to reports, Amelia Molitor, 20, accused him of hitting her in the face at a local cafe. Mixon claims self-defense.

Reports say that Mixon was celebrating his 18th birthday when "people at his table" were harassing the victim and her friends for some reason.  Apparently, someone got up and got physical, for a punch was thrown with enough force to "break [Molitor's] face in four places.  Mixon's defense lawyer says the 21l-pound 6'2" running back was acting in self-defense.  They are confident that surveillance tapes will prove this.

Ms. Molitor has a recent arrest record (jailed and charged with possession of marijuana, etc., last December), and has an outstanding bench warrant out on her for failure to follow instructions of the court.  She is currently "on the lam."  This woman, a blonde standing 5'7" and weighing in at 120 pounds, apparently had a too few too many drinks and felt she could take on a football player!

I do not condone striking a woman, especially when one's life is not threatened, but something is not right in this case.  The newly-minted adult, out to have his first "legal" beer, is faced with a woman two years his major who seems to be a bit tipsy.  Does she "get in his face" and he shields himself to her detriment?  Or did he get up to "make trouble" as part of an act of "harassment" that went beyond words.

Oh, I guess I ought to mention that Mixon is black.  I'm predicting that this will NOT be an issue with the defense, but that his defenders might charge the accuser of being racist.  This will be a big mistake, and I hope that a jury will be told to disregard such an attitude.  I am pretty sure that the video evidence will show that the "punch" was not delivered in an aggressive manner.  The younger man most likely reached out to push away the woman and made unfortunate contact.

Ms. Molitor has been quoted as saying she fears the fans of OU who were placing their hopes on Mixon to be a factor in the coming football season.  In saying this, she is assuming that he will be convicted of assault.  It is interesting that Ms. Molitor's mother does not want her to press charges.  Could it be that she fears her daughter's past will be used against her?

On the other hand, the defense is confident that the video evidence will exonerate Mixon.  The University will not comment, of course.  I am not sure if I would want to be on the jury.

The moral of the story is that a young man should not expect to think clearly while partying with the guys on his birthday.  And also, don't badmouth the cheerleader at the next table if you do!  Joe Mixon has probably lost out even before he started.  If he is found innocent, there will be those that insist it was because he was an athlete.  If he is found guilty, there will be those who claim it was because he is black.  The promising college football career is most likely nipped in the bud.

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Henry Martin said...

Obviously, no one follows even a controversial post of mine! Anyway, here it is a year later. Mixon plead guilty, served one hundred hours community service AND suspended for the whole season.

There was a video which has since been sealed, never to be seen by the public. It apparently was enough evidence to move the staff at OU to give Mixon a "second chance." The comments on news reports that Mixon will be a starter for the coming 2015 season are mostly negative.

So, my suppositions proved wrong. Apparently forgiveness does have a place even in college football.