Saturday, July 26, 2014

Traffic Control

I just noticed I had not hit "Publish" on this one (Thursday!)

I decided to at least do the random number experiment for a week.  Today, the solitaire hand starts out like this: Ace, nine, queen, king, queen, king and five.  In numbers that is: 1 9 12 13 12 13 5.  Combining where I can, I get  "19 1213 1213 5."

Well, with the placement of queens and kings TWICE in the cards, I would go with 1213 as the "number of the day."  Near the top of the Google search I found the non-profit Christian relief organization '1213,' based on Romans 12:13: "Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality."

This verse is in the midst of commands given by Paul to the church at Rome years before he visited there.  The chapter begins with a call to holiness and service, moving on to practical instructions on how to make that happen.  Verse 4 reminds Christians that they are "members in one body," each with separate functions.  Since love is sincere and without hypocrisy (verse 9), it is seen in acts of kindness in times of need.

Visit this worthy ministry at for more information.

Next, in an oddly related field on the microscopic level, there is Gene 1213, CLTC (clathrin, heavy chain [human]).  Also known as CHC or CHC17, this is a "major protein component ... involved in intracellular trafficking ..."  In other words, CLTC is necessary to get the microscopic machines within the cells to their proper work spaces.  It is like a GPS on the dash of the utility vehicles of the cell.

I say "oddly related" because this is the function of the 1213 ministry, directing funds to people in need.  They serve as an auxiliary source when times get really hard.  They are a support system of the body of Christ just as CLTC is to the microcosm which is found within the cell.  Find out more about CLTC here  and here.

There you go, folks.  Remember that you have a part to play in the macrocosm which is the world around you.  If you are a Christian, that means to seek to know and use the gift(s) given to you by God.  That example, of course, works in the world around us as well.  As the saying goes, "we are all connected."

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